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At AdsPayu, we ensure our advertisers get the most reach for their budget while maximizing the ROI. Meanwhile, we offer high-performing ads to help our publishers monetize their websites better.

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Grow your revenue while maximizing your customer engagement through our effective and scalable video solutions. In-Stream & Out-Stream video formats, Premium direct video campaigns at highest CPM & fill-rate. Support for Javascript, VAST/VPAID & IMA tags.

Frequently Asked

What Are The Minimum Requirements for a website?

● Minimum of 10,000 pageviews per month.

● Content safe (No nudity content)

● We also accept Faucets or URL Shortening websites.

Supported Ad Formats?

● Display Banner (IAB Standard & Responsive): 300x250; 336x280; 300x600; 728x90; 970x90, 970x250 160x600, 320x100 (Mobile), 320x50 (Mobile)…

● Native Ad: choose the size in accordance with the number of columns (first) and rows (second). For example: 4x1 (4 columns, 1 row); 3x1 (3 columns, 1 row); 1x2 (1 column, 2 rows)

● Video: Instream and Outstream Video Sizes: In-Banner Video 300x350, In-content floating 496x280, 600x400…

● Interstitial and more.

What Are The Payment Terms?

PayPal: Minimum Payment Threshold $25.00

Payoneer: Minimum Payment Threshold $100.00

Crypto (USDT): Minimum Payment Threshold $100.00

Wire Transfer: Minimum Payment Threshold $1000; required monthly invoices

If the revenue is lower than these thresholds, it will be rolled over to the next month.

Where Can I Find Ads.txt Files?

Ads.txt files will be sent to you by your Account Manager during approval.

Referral Program?

We pay 15% lifetime of the revenue for each publisher you refer to us.

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We provide you easy access to high-quality display ads by connecting with all the major buyer networks and managing operational overheads so that you don’t have to. You also benefit from our strong relationships with DSPs, Agency Trading Desks, Horizontal Networks, Vertical Networks, Performance Networks, AMPs, DMPs, etc.

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